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    Hello out there to all of our supporters and fans!

    Myself, along with Exit Reality Entertainment, are proud to announce that after a month of auditions, casting sessions, and film submissions, we have fully cast our upcoming feature film, Remote!

    The entire process was an enjoyable one, thanks to an influx of talented people from around the area and country. It also made it a very difficult one. With so many talented people auditioning, it made our decisions as a company very hard, which I view as a good thing. I, for one, was very proud and humbled to see the turn out and support. There was a wealth of creativity that spawned from those who took the time to audition for our film.

    Thank you to all who auditioned - and thank you for making my job and my teams job a challenging but rewarding one. Below is the official core Cast List for Remote. Congratulations!


    Full Cast List

    Michael Grey - Ryan Wayne
    Madison Brooke - Emma Luttrell
    Gunther "Gunny" Fontleroy - Sam Curry
    Jessica Beech - Emilie Dierks
    Kent Summers - Andrew Jon Rhodenbaugh
    Scott McKillen - Tommy Rosecrans
    Charles Dawson - Bobby Lee
    Jonathan Pleasant - David Dunn
    Heidi Smith - Gabby Fernandez
    Jesse Chance - Brian McKinley
    Howard Tanner - David C. Brown
    Mr. Vice - Matt Pleasant
    Waitress - Juanita Williams
    Operator - Mary Moore

    Look for our Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign. You can be a part of the project, helping us make this bigger than anyone could of thought!

    Once again, thank you and congratulations to our cast!

    Matt Pleasant
    Producer/Casting Director
    Exit Reality Entertainment
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Discussion in 'Production/Pre-Production' started by Daniel, Apr 1, 2016.

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